The secret of life

When the Lord created the world

He asked his Angels and Archangels to help him decide where he would place “The Secret of Life”

“Bury him,” proposed one of the angels.

“Place it at the bottom of the sea” says another.

“Hide it, in the moutains” suggested yet another.

“Conceal it high in the sky between the clouds,” says yet another.

But the Lord replied, “If I do as you say only a few lucky ones will find” The Secret of Life “. it is more appropriate to place it within reach of all An angel then says,

“I have found! Put “The Secret of Life” in everyone’s heart. Nobody will think of looking for it here. Only he who will know how to look in look inward of him and whose heart is large enough to contain him will find him. ”

“Yes, that’s it, in everyone’s heart! Exclaimed the Lord.

And now everyonepossesses in him “The Secret of Life”. Now everyone can access the wonders of the world.


… So, you too the soul who reads these lines carefully


Look in you.

You will discover the fabulous treasure that life offers you since all time.

Open your heart, this is the only request.

Be happy and contemplate the heavens

Take care of nature and animals.

Look at the others what is good and what is beautiful.

Forget the imperfections and do not judge.

Forgetting and forgiving quarrels.

Take care of loved ones.

If you manage to put all that in your mind and in your life by noble actions, your life will become a shining mountain of strength and truth
your soul will shine with a thousand and a thousand diamonds. You will be noticed by the whole universe and the universe will be your friend and your allies.

The sea will be your cradle.

The treasures of all times will be revealed to you.

The angel of the air, the angel of the water, the angel of the earth, the angel of fire are your power friends.
It’s the secret of life. It’s not a fairy tale !